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Art The Experiencevisit our webpage! Art entertainment and interactive activities is amust at any fair, festival, or special event. Art the Experience can create performance ice sculptures, sand sculptures, wood carvings, fruit & veggie carvings, sidewalk chalk drawings, painting demonstrations, and more!Our team competes internationally for ice, sand, wood and fruit & veggie carving. We can also createand manage any type of artistic competition. Rock On Icevisit our webpage!Why should I have an Ice sculpture or Festival?Ice Sculptures can help add that special touch to any party. Ice is very memorable and leaves an ever lasting impression on the viewer. Think back to the many parties, weddings or special events you have attended. After a while they all run together. Now, think about all the events you have seen an ice sculpture. You can remember more than one I bet. That is because once the ice sculpture is appreciated it lasts forever! For those of you who think an ice sculpture is too expensive, I say this - it's cheaper than flowers and provides a much bigger wow factor! It doesn't matter if you are buying a sculpture for a wedding, corporate event, holiday, or even a product promotion, your cost for an ice sculpture is comparatively small to the impression it will give to your guests or clients.Ice Bars are a great way to get that wow factor! Just add your logo and see how cool it really is!Ice Fountains are a another great way to get your guest involved in your ice sculpture. This is a guaranteed way to leave that lasting impression as the guests' will serve themselves a nice cool cocktail from our icy display!Rock On Ice can make any winter or christmas festival sparkle with excitement. Let's not limit ourselves to just the winter time, we're great for warm venues as well. No one expects to see ice in the summer, so try and think outside the box...the possibilities are endless! Performance ice sculpting can spice up any event, such as: fairs festivals private parties corporate events sporting events trade shows Exceed Promotional Goals by: repeat visits increased attendance levels media attention unique marketing possibilities increased foot traffic photo opportunities