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Oxygen Bar Rentals are being used in many facets of the business and entertainment world. Perhaps you have spotted one of our mobile Oxygen Bars in South Florida? Maybe the O2 bar was at a Trade Show booth or at a corporate meeting in Las Vegas? Did you see one at your friend's wedding or at your nephew's Bar Mitzvah? Have you wondered why the bar was so crowded and what all that "hoopla" was about? Our mission is to introduce to you the latest form of entertainment in the event industry - The Oxygen Bar phenomenon! Here we will show how renting an Airheads "Dream Machine" will make your next corporate event a complete success or your next private party one to remember.Oxygen Bars have been around since the mid 1990's, and still over 99% of the population has never seen or experienced one. What was once was a perfect addition to nightclubs and Las Vegas hotels, used strictly for recreational fun, are now used as a powerful marketing tool. These "People Magnets" can now be found on Trade Show floors and conventions. Always "The Hit" of any party or event, promotions and marketing departments all over the world can "breathe easier" knowing that they are utilizing our Oxygen Bar's "Branded Back-lighted Billboards" as a traffic builder in any situation. Potential new clients are lured and literally captivated by the design and radical scientific look of our equipment. Our Oxygen Bar will be the talk of any event, long after the event has ended. It's fun, it's legal, it's healthy, and "It's Okay to Inhale!"