Lilly''s Kettle Corn

2003 Chestnut Rd.
Carrollton, TX 75007
United States of America



Okay so we're not famous just yet, but we're our winning fans one at a time and enjoying the ride. First thanks for coming to visit our website we want you to know that we're honored to have your business/interest.

Founded June 2003 in Dallas, TX. Lilly's Kettle Corn was started by Thomas & Amy after sampling a version of Kettle Corn in Las Vegas. They thought it would be a great idea to make kettle corn for their family and friends. After days of being holed up in the kitchen attempting to recreate the Las Vegas recipe they had no idea that with Thomas's background as a cook and Amy's discerning gourmet palate they had created a fabulous tasting, healthy, and all natural snack. Off to work they went the next day with their little plastic baggies to deliver their latest recipe and instead of receiving thank you's they received their first orders. So they gave it some thought and decided to purchased high volume equipment and called their kettle corn, Lilly's Kettle Corn(after Amy's mom.)