Federated Tactical Security, LLC.

1212 US Highway 1 Suite I
North Palm Beach, FL 33408
United States of America



Federated Tactical Security is a new concept in Private Security Companies. Many security companies can provide a low quote, but maintain their profit margin by paying their employees low wages. They are forced to fill positions by hiring inexperienced and minimally qualified employees. The service you get with these companies is hit or miss and employee turnover is high. Their best talent often leaves in frustration and with the worst, it is far cheaper to replace the employee than to provide remedial training.

Federated Tactical Security hires only proven professionals and provides continuing education and training in order to keep their skills from perishing. We are a veteran owned and operated agency and our employees have provided security worldwide. Many of our employees are trained Emergency First Responders and in the event of an injury are able to provide first aid until an ambulance arrives.

At Federated Tactical Security we believe in “mission first, safety always.” We do not just provide site security at competitive prices. We provide something that few other security companies in the market can provide, professionals.