Andy Kushner Entertainment

15245 Shady Grove Road
Rockville, MD 20850
United States of America



Multi-talented, Award-Winning Entertainment Producer Andy Kushner turns simple ideas into extraordinary celebrations. Known as a trendsetter, Andy has earned multiple awards, including Entertainer of the Year and Best Entertainment Production.

As a musician, band leader, producer, and entertainment expert, Andys musical skill is equaled by business acumen. He has launched and owns the acclaimed bands, SoundConnection, Marquise, and SoundNation. He has ownership in the band, The VIPs, and represents MCs, DJs, and dancers, as well.

Precise attention to scale, budget, and personalization are hallmarks. For corporate and milestone events, performances are tailored specifically to client needs and dreams. The goal: to provide a seamless, interactive, engaging experience that captivates all in attendance and exceeds expectations.

Celebrity planners, high society clients, and industry media call Andy a Thought Leader. From articles featuring Andy, guest speaking requests by entertainment conference planners, and his own publishing credits, to his Dream Team status, Andys impact is undeniable.