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Move Attendees from Events to Your Online Brand Environment

Increase the effectiveness of your event marketing and face-to-face marketing efforts. The Picture Marketing system results in consumers: participating in online activities, responding to surveys and acting on a company's call-to-action.

1.The Process

Brand ambassadors use the Picture Marketing system to capture photos of consumers at any event. Participants enjoy having their photo taken and then seek out their photo online after the event is over. As they pass through the process, participants willingly opt-in and participate in relevant brand activities.

2.Products and Services

Our patented Picture Marketing In-a-Box offers unsurpassed ease of use. Never miss an opportunity to convert event attendees to visitors to your online website. The FotoZap® Camera is a powerful marketing tool that can be placed into the hands of every brand ambassador on your staff. Our Picture Marketing Sponsorship Program allows your company to easily touch hundreds of thousands of consumers at major events.


The desire to see the photo is strong enough to command a response rate of 50% to 80%. System flexibility allows us to customize the Picture Marketing process so that it leads to an increase in participation in the online activity that best meets your marketing objectives.