The Effect Specialist® @ is a Full Service Special Effects (FX) Company. With a Background in Theatrical Productions, Zigmont has a producers point of view and has the timing to achieve precise results. We are ready to design Live Spectacular Special Effects for your event. We are Special effects designers and execute FX effects at live shows, TV commercials, movies, films, sporting events, concerts, Broadway production surport, corporate conferences, industrials shows, trade shows, theme parks, Malls, Churches.

What We Do;
Professional snow effect as seen at Disney, Fireworks Displays, Indoor Pyrotechnics Effects, Our door roof top pyro, DragonFly Propane Flame Cannons , Cryo Jets, Low Ground Crawling Fog, Smoke FX, Water misting, water cannon, Flogos flying logos, 30 ft Flames, Scent, Campfires, Massive Bubbles Machines, Confetti & Streamer Cannons and the Ultimate in Artificial Snow Deco and Fake Snow Machines for Events and rentals.

Past Clients;
Disney, Seaworld, Six Flags, Universal Studios, Major League Baseball Tampa Bay Rays - Cleveland Indians - The Milwaukee Brewers - Atlanta Braves, Coors Light Super Bowl Party Universal Studios, Church of Scientology, The Salvation Army Holiness Congress, Real Fighting Championships, Tampa, Disney Cruise Line, Universal Studios Florida, Busch Gardens Tampa, FedEx OrangeBowl National Championship Football, NASCAR 27th Annual Nextel Cup Budweiser Shootout on FOX TV, Philips World Tour Show, Consumer Electronics Show, W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. /Gore-Tex, Bayer/Siemens, Western Star Trucks

Services in Tampa - Orlando - Jacksonville - Miami Florida and through-out the entire USA with worldwide service's available. We have setup and executed special effects and/or pyrotechnical displays in the following cities, states and countries:
Major Cities; Boston, New York City, Long Island NY, Albany NY, Buffalo NY, Los Angles, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Hartford, Montreal, Toronto, Rochester, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, Tampa, Orlando, Minneapolis.
US States; TN, NJ, PA, OH, WV, KY, IN, IL, IA, WI, MA, FL, SC, GA, DE, VT, CO, VA, IL. and Puerto Rico. Performing our special effects internationally in 17 countries.

Experts you are hiring a specialist in the FX field or a special effect expert on every job. We are proud of our reputation on giving the best advice over the phone, having innovative show designs with certified and licensed service with the very best gear.

Business Theater
Want an exciting way of extending the messages that your client needs to communicate. Well Special effects will grant your client the ability to express ideas to the Business Audience in an exciting new way. Like a Weathering the Storm Presentation, we can add the weather elements. Whether a large corporate stage production, a sales meeting or a outdoor event FX effects will attract attention and your target audience will be be paying attention and waiting to see more. Special effects can improve retention of a moment or remember a slogan long after the event is over and leave a positive reaction to the sales theme. We are very interested in offering our expertise to your event.

FX Rentals
Zigmont does special effects consulting and rents FX machines such as Fake snow machines for your special event.

Snow Effects;
America's Finest Snow Experience Displays Provides the Driest Most Realistic Snowfall in The World We Are a snow Vendor and Consultant, advisor , designer for Disney.
We offer snow machine rentals and full turn-key production services for events countrywide. See FX Rentals or call for pricing on our fake snow machine rentals or service and treat your audience to a snowfall experience in any climate and location. We have the experience of designing snow effects for major theme parks and have designed and setup the Functional Prototype as well as tested all snow machines effects for the new theme attraction Universal's Harry Potter Project, plus we installed snow machines effects on Disney Cruise Line for the Walt Disney Theaters in 2008. You can use the very sa
me snow machines as Disney Theme Parks, Disney Cruise Ships, MGM Studios, Universal Studios, Paramount Kings Island, Seaworld Florida and Hollywood Movie Studios use.

Snow Deco
Faux Snow - Flocking SnoFoam - Snow Blankets - Crystal Clear Acrylic Icicles - Faux Snow? Ground Pellets Products
Our services and products can provide that Hollywood Magic to your Live Event, Stage Show, video or film shoot. Our Artificial or Fake Snow is widely used by film and Hollywood movie industries.

Pyrotechnics for indoors
Zigmont Magic FX has been servicing the the Tampa - Orlando Florida area for almost 20 years, we can offer customized pyrotechnical displays ( any FX) for your event or stage production. We worked with Wizards Studios of Clearwater Florida (Russell Brumfield) as his FX vendor in the early to mid 90's, the crazy dot com era. We had a wonderful experience with professional wrestling WCW 1998 ( 33 hour live TV ) and then it was on the road with the Rock Band Kiss Psycho Circus (1998-99) Tour doing 365 pyro effects, plus Propane Flames and cold flow. We been involved with touring Broadway shows and theatrical productions. We have performed hundreds of Corporate Conventions introducing people or products and accenting moments. We have the experience to make a WOW factor for your event. Call us so we design a FX show for you.

Cyro Jets, curtains, reveals and Effects
Nobody does cyro/ cryogenic like the effect specialist with so many options, with 4 different methods to give 4 different looks of cyro effects. We been doing cyro effects since 1997. With our Ten years plus experience we have design and provided cyro effects in every way possible. See on urner Sports - TNT WCW Monday Night Nitro - Cable Televised & PPV. Our cyro effects were first designed for Disney Pleasure Island club scene We have performed this effect in major Hotel Resorts all over Florida and the country. We can reveal a product, person(s) or even a car with cyro curtains or plumes jets. These are a great accent at corporate event to replace pyro effects.

Ground crawling fog LSG effects and fog curtains
We have provide this effect since the days of dry ice, the effects has come a long way from those dry ice days. Now with a cold flow unit or a Low Smoke Generator very dry smoke that crawls very low and far, that won't set off alarms.
You have the ability to create huge volumes of heavy fog on cue without the mess and inconvenience of dry ice. The effect is long lasting and residue free, remaining low lying and very cold. The smoke is very white and can be washed to any color with lighting. We have such good control of volume and have many methods to make curtains, and continuous coverage. We have done some huge areas, arenas and ballrooms. We understand these machine better than most.

Propane Flames indoors and outdoors:
Propane special effects can simulate a campfire, can be used to introduce a sports team with Plumes of fire,we can simulate movie effects or simulate a crash, a building on fire no problem with safe propane effects. We can enhance a moment, to provide emotion, gain attention, to carry a theme or story, or to reinforce branding. Sometimes its just about impact and getting people rallied up. We have 1 foot flames to 40 foot flames in all shapes and flame bars.

Need a crazy amount of bubbles in Florida or any point across the country. We can make a bubble zone in a ballroom, on stage for a corporate party, special event or an outdoor plaza. We supply bubble machines for special events for that festive look and feel or to gain attention. We employ all style and types of bubble machines that are tested and approved by our effect specialist. The best professional brands and models of bubble machines from the current models and past models. We know the performance of all our bubble machines and will choose the best units for your event. The correct selection of bubbles machine for the right look. We provide services to make your event turn-key operation. We use a special bend of bubble fluid to make our machines perform unbelievable. The right machines make all the difference.


Let us Light Up The Sky like Disney for Your Event
Ask about our Low-level 1.4 Pyrotechnics Displays and Low level Fireworks in Florida and the southeastern USA, that fits that niche when indoor pyrotechnics is too small and 1.3 high aerial fireworks are to big. If you haven't experienced a low level proximate firework display then your audience will be in for a treat.

Low-level Fireworks Displays fits that niche when close proximate pyro is too small and the 4 - 6 inch shell large aerial display are to big (space does not permit). No longer do you need a large open field that is far away from the venue for a fireworks display -- you could have a "mini Disney" display launched close to your target audience or a in a sports stadium from an end zone, or even right on the fifty yard line. You can have an awesome fireworks just 75 feet away from you audience on a beach for a wedding or corporate display with the fireworks appearing as if they are overhead. The display is like a wall of fireworks that is closer than you ever have experienced.
Everyone claims that our Low Level firework displays are a great experience and most have never been this close to a display. That's our niche in Florida, bringing fireworks close up and making it a personal experience.

Our Professional FX Specialist will Shower Your Event with celebration confetti or streamers with 3- 4 different confetti delivery systems with 3- 4 different looks for camera or audience and always focused on close up TV view. This package has never been offered by any company as we use an wide assortment combination of manufactured gear that turns Confetti and streamers into a simulated firework look.
We use confetti machines from all Confetti Special Effects industry manufacturers and that means you get top professional results. We can use the combined forces of all this gear to make a statement at your event. We have been doing confetti cannons for over 20 years. We have the experience to launch confetti or streams inside or out at a wedding, Corporate Event, the OrangeBowl to Busch Garden Tampa Bay. We have fired at all these major events.

We also have smoke machines for testing, simulate fires, stage effects, concerts, movie products and special effects. Here our most used smoke machine gear. With smoke machines that has an incredible high volume of fog output unequaled by any other fog machines.

Licensed Low Explosives by;
The level of service that a company provides can many times make or break a successful event.
The Effect Specialist experts for Snow, Propane Flame, Pyrotechnics, Fireworks, C02, Smoke, Confetti, Bubbles Misting Special Effects.
We hold license's in the following nine States, for pyrotechnics and four for Propane Flames;
(1) Licensed State of Ohio Pyrotechnics Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2011
(2) Licensed State of Colorado Pyrotechnics Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2011
(3) Licensed State of Texas Pyrotechnic Special Effects Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2011
(4) Licensed State of Tennessee Proximate Pyrotechnic Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2011
(5) Licensed State of Arkansas Pyrotechnic Shooters Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2011
(6) Licensed State of Missouri Pyrotechnic Special Effects Operator Certified NFPA 1126.2011
(7) Licensed State of Florida City of Lakeland, Pyrotechnics Operator Certified NFPA 1126.1996/NFPA 1126.2011
(8) Licensed State of Texas Flame Certified (Propane & Gas) Effects Operator Certified NFPA 160.2011
(9) Licensed State of Ohio Licensed Certified Flame Effects Operator NFPA 160.2011
(10) Licensed State of Tennessee Flame Effect Operator Certified NFPA 160.2011
(11) Licensed State of North Carolina Proximate Audience Pyrotechnical Operator’s Permit NFPA 1126.2011
(12) Certificate of Completion OSHA Electrical Safety 29CFR1910.332
(13) Federal license/Permits with The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives;

1-ATFE 34 - User of Low Explosives
2-ATFE 19 - Manufacturer of Binary Explosive
Continuing Education Fireworks and Flame Safety Ohio Fire Academy 2003/2006/2009/2011/2015