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Over the past 25 years, Stageline has pioneered and developed the concept of load-bearing mobile stages for industry professionals. The SL Series is used worldwide for major tours and events such as Ozzfest, Nascar and the Olympics. The SAM series, well known as the toughestStageline equipment has reputation to be the toughest, safest and most profitable in the industry and this reputation is backed by thousands of successful events done every year. Visit us online at
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Thanks to its fleet and network, MSR Mobile Stage Rentals offers local service, a complete range of mobile stages and promotional units, and all of the necessary flexibility to answer quickly to any request; whether it is a single event or a national tour.
MSR has an experienced technical and logistics team with over 20 years of expertise, from which you can benefit. Our team will assist you in the development of your projects as well as provide you with all of the necessary support. By offering the highest level of service, a flawless safety track record, and a constant availability of equipment, MSR has become the exclusive supplier of major event organizers throughout North America. This innovative concept has changed the manner of organizing external events.

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