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Spectrum Sports Int'l has been leading by innovation since introducing the amusement industry to rock climbing walls in 1996. More recently we have designed and released the first Mobile Zip Line™, Stunt Jump™, and V4 Ultimate Bungee™.

We manufacture stationary climbing towers for major theme parks, FECs, resorts, and recreation facilities of all types. Our climbing walls are designed to be safe, easy to maintain, and profitable.

Our latest climbing wall designs look, feel, and climb like real rock. The level of detail would fool even mother nature! Moulds are pulled directly from real rock, and real rock mineral is used in the finish to achieve natural color tones and variations. This new process can be found in our Modular Panels, 2-Climber Ridgeline, and 4-Climber Grip-A-Rock.

For mobile operators we build the most reliable portable rock wall design on the market. Our engineered chassis uses heavy-duty 3/16" thick box steel tubing reinforced in all the right places. Our fiberglass climbing surface uses woven mats for rigidity and strength. We don't just talk quality - we produce the best product on the market! Your Spectrum Sports climbing wall will look and perform at the highest level for years providing you a solid return on your investment.

Our portable ropes course allows you to DELIVER high ropes thrills to your clients wherever they may be. Imagine 8 challenge elements suspended over 12 feet from the ground! Safety is ensured thanks to our overhead safety track system. This high capacity capacity ropes course is also available in a compact stationary model for parks and FECs.

The Coconut Tree Climb offers a unique twist on the traditional rock climbing wall. Artificial trees with textured trunks and bolt-on handholds provide a different type of climbing experience. This structure also performs double-duty enhancing the theme of any area.

Our Auto-Belay safety system and Quick Harness are an ultra safe combination that also help increase throughput capacity. The Auto-Belay is an advanced hydraulic system that automatically lowers climbers when they let go of the climbing surface. It provides a consistent descent rate for climbers weighing from 40 to 250 lbs. Auto Belays reduce your staffing costs by allowing one operator to safely supervise up to five climbers. Our Quick Harness is a true one-size-fits-all adjusting from 18" to 48" waists. It keeps the line moving and reduces the need for multiple sizes.


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Augmented Climbing Wall with Spectrum Sports Intl

Augmented Climbing Wall with Spectrum Sports Intl

Have you seen this interactive attraction that has garnered millions of views online? The demo video went viral, and the system has the potential to do the same for your company. Each game played is recorded, with your watermark. Players can then upload this video to their social media platforms. Your guests have a blast, and you get free exposure!

The Augmented Climbing Wall is a turnkey product offered by the original developers in Finland, and the attraction industry’s most trusted climbing wall supplier, Spectrum Sports Int’l. Graphics are projected onto a climbing surface, and sensors tracks climbers as they interact with those graphics. This system allows several training and gaming experiences to be offered.

The Augmented Climbing Wall package includes:

•Free-standing climbing wall and frame, 13’W x 10’H (4x3m)
•12” Thick Landing pads
•Projector, sensor, computer, and stand
•Touchscreen control monitor

Games & Training
The Augmented Climbing Wall is a game system with new games continually being developed and tested. Here are a few of the most popular options:

•Climball – a classic take on the 2-player “pong” video game where your body is the paddle. Maybe you’ve seen the viral video of this game!
•Whack-a-Bat – whack as many bats as possible to score. This is a great game to play with your friends. The bats move, so start climbing!
•Sparks – avoid the static and moving elements as you strive to conquer this maze game.
•Augmented Problems – short, powerful climbing movements that are linked together are called “problems.” Augmented Problems allows you to create climbing routes that others can follow. Video playback projects your movement on the wall. It can be a learning tool as novice climbers compare their movements to more experienced climbers.

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