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A humorous history of American popular music, 1830 to 1930. An accurate & funny show, featuring rare vintage instuments, quirky history,
minstrel show tunes, ragtime, early jazz, vaudeville, bluegrass & swing. A history that's fun!

Gordy transcends the cartoon stereotype of the banjo to reveal it as an instrument of full emotional subtlety.
As an internationally touring multi-instrumentalist, he is recognized as the only musician accomplished in all the banjo styles.
It is a Heritage You can Hear from it's 19th century African/Yankee roots to the present.

Mr. Ohliger provides cheerful programs that include early folk music, minstrel showtunes, ragtime, early hot-jazz, novelty vaudeville, bluegrass & swing.

Utilizing rare vintage museum-quality 4, 5, 6 and 8-string banjos, a witty Mark Twain-like commentary of your local landmarks, and your great-grandmother's favorite songs, each age of America's multiculture comes alive; revealing the good things of life. There are numerous options: full concerts and short shows in various themes, lectures, workshops, K-college level services with study guides and custom programs. Take a look.....and say Hello!