TAM Retail is a division of Lode Data Systems, Inc. TAM Retail is a privately held, proven provider that has been serving the retail industry since 1980. Between the principals, we have over 70 years of retail expertise that give us expansive knowledge of the retail business and allow us to speak your language. We are not just software developers who know technologies, but experienced developers who know retail!

Our business philosophy is two-fold:

Developing retail software that will become the industry standard and synonymous with retail systems for years to come.
Establishing long term, mutually beneficial alliances with our customers.

LDSs growth and success is due to our unique approach, which includes:

Viewing the retailer as our partner. The more successful our software makes you, the faster news of our innovative product will spread.
Continuous product enhancements driven by our customer's needs.

Premier support provided to our customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

We provide retail solutions; not wholesale, not medical, only retail. We developed our point of sale programming first, then Inventory Control and Accounting, not the other way around. This approach led to a seamless and comprehensive user-driven solution.

Our approach to support is also very different from our competitors. First and foremost is our customers. Without them our product will not grow. We sell only direct to the end user. There are no resellers or other middlemen. We are the sole manufacturer of our software solutions. This direct interaction with our customers is the key to the creation of a long term mutually beneficial relationship. This relationship provides superior support to the end user and us with valuable feedback that keeps our software improving. Our direct interaction and support allows our end users to better profit from their information technology investment.

And then the best thing of all happens; you become a more informed and proactive retailer taking your operation to the next step: increasing efficiency and profits. Let us help you make your first informed and proactive step by taking your retail operation to the next level.