TopEyeView, Inc.

450 S. Cemetery St Ste 104
Norcross, GA 30071
United States of America



The mission of Top Eye View, Inc, is to deliver the most cost effective real-time video streaming from a birds-eye-view.

Television crews, media agencies, and first responders all face a critical challenge with real-time aerial video: it is extraordinarily expensive and limited in scope. Getting a view from above when recording a geographical territory, monitoring a public event, or broadcasting the aftermath from an area hit by a natural disaster, requires a helicopter and crew, with costs reaching into thousands of dollars per hour and coverage limited by helicopter flight time and field of vision.

Top Eye View addresses this situation with a practical, affordable and uniquely “green” solution: a tethered blimp and attached remote-control camera with patent-protected stabilization. Top Eye View deploys captures and streams broadcast-quality video for as long as needed, and delivers a wide, birds-eye view, at less than 10% of the cost of helicopter-based video.

Our services are based on a tested and operationally proven broadcasting and monitoring system. We deliver a remote controlled “eye in the sky” directly to and from any media outlet and location. The flight platform of Top Eye View is a 30-foot long, tethered, low-pressure helium blimp and is an ideal tool for broadcasting and commercial organizations with “birds-eye” observation missions.

Our system is well on its way to changing the nature of aerial videography in key U.S. markets.