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Cover Your Assets

Cover Your Assets Security Services and Event Staffing Inc. was started in 2000 to provide a qualified alternative to the status quo in the private security industry: to give Oregons alcohol servers and event promoters an option under the law to provide certified, trained and capable door and floor staff and an increased level of protection from legal and civil liability while helping to ensure safe and profitable operations.

To coin a phrase, we cover your assets. We protect your premises, your clientele, your event and your reputation from individuals and circumstances that can negatively impact an event or the public attending it. We attempt to mitigate our clients liability from Visibly Intoxicated Persons (VIPs), underage drinking, altercations, unwanted clientele, and other, unforeseen situations that may impact the venue or event.

We do this through proper training, education, communication, attention to detail and an unparalleled devotion to executing our duties above and beyond our clients expectations.

We know that the dynamic of crowd interaction and alcohol creates unique opportunities for potentially negative occurances. These circumstances require an event team with a special set of tools and experience not found within other companies who's primary responsibility is patrol or door checks. A uniformed security presence at a club or concert can effectively destroy the atmosphere that owners and promoters strive to create. And lets face it; all too often private security officers work hard to earn the Barney Fife reputation that the industry has. That is where Cover Your Assets Security Services is different from the rest. Our staff receives the same, and in most instances, better training for State Certification as do the uniformed “rent-a-cops” plus we provide a unique Alcohol Awareness Module based upon OLCC regulations, in-depth ID checking training, and highly specialized self defense and control tactics training that is recognized by the State as Legally, Tactically, and Medically defensible techniques.

No longer is hiring lumbering ex-jocks or aggressive, violence prone bullies an option for the operators of licensed premises or event promoters. In todays litigious society, you cant avoid the legal ramifications of security. You need to: COVER YOUR ASSETS.

In 1995, the State of Oregon passed legislation that requires State Certification for all private security providers. By State definition, anyone who controls access to property, protects against property loss or performs other security duties is a private security provider: this obviously includes bouncers, floor staff and doormen. The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training enforces this legislation and has implemented several, serious penalties for licensed premises that do not employ certified security personnel. These penalties include fines, suspension of liquor licenses, and suspension of Oregon Lottery Gaming Licenses. In addition to these potential pitfalls, keep in mind that by hiring uncertified security, you can expose you, your event, or your business to extreme civil liability.

C.Y.A. Security team members receive thorough training and follow the same certification regimen, as do rent-a-cop agencies. Our team members are thoroughly versed in the authority, legality and responsibility of their positions as private security providers. It is at this point though that many of the similarities disappear.

C.Y.A. Security personnel receive mandatory DPSST certification from a State approved Private Security Instructor that includes an 8-hour certification course, written test and a several hours of supervised On-the Job-Training. In addition, our staff receives instruction in our exclusive Alcohol Venue Module, which includes ID checking techniques, crowd control methods, user level instruction in OLCC regulations, report writing and interpersonal communication skills. C.Y.A. maintains an ongoing training and education program for all of our team members, continually updating our information and techniques.