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Audience Research & Analysis (ARA) serves the market and economic research needs of arts, entertainment, cultural tourism, education and service organizations. ARA delivers information to Broadway shows, performing arts institutions, museums and attractions to increase attendance and membership. ARA works with local development companies, government, and non-profit agencies to monitor business conditions and track the performance of programs. At ARA, we provide research information you can use.

ARA helps arts, cultural tourism, and non-profit organizations understand and better serve their current and potential audiences. We provide marketers, government relations specialists, and development agencies the tools to measure their success and communicate their impact.

Audience/Visitor Studies
Economic Impact Analysis
Market Research
Pedestrian Counting

From boutique museums to world-class attractions, ARA works with cultural institutions and the organizations that support them. We also serve real estate, travel and tourism, media and entertainment companies who bring art and culture to a broader public.

Museums & Public Art
Parks, Gardens & Zoos
Theatre & Performing Arts
Sightseeing & Attractions
Local Development Agencies