31 Degrees

P O Box 303400
Austin, TX 78703
United States of America


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Beverage Equipment
Frozen Drinks


HCB Mixes, LLC, the parent company of 31, was established in April 2003 by Wes Lange, CEO and Kevin Enderlin, President. Both men accrued successful professional careers over two decades in the beer industry, and now are channeling their beverage experience and enthusiasm into developing 31.

Our goal is to provide a service for your concessions business by delivering the highest quality frozen drinks in the country. We recognize that you have many choices, and 31 separates ourselves from the competition in a number of ways, including:

Single Point of Control. Personal control ensures high quality service to multiple locations across America.
Reliability and Experience. Our commitment at every event to make sure things run smoothly and consistently.
Superior Product. Our mixes are custom formulated for each venue, and are served with advanced, efficient and sanitary systems.

Look for the 31 booth at your next concert or venue . . .