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Planning an event takes a lot of time and effort. Having high quality tickets shouldn't. At US-TICKET.COM we will work with you to represent your brand and create a great looking ticket your customers will notice. Our various finishing options and wide variety of paper stocks will provide you with the room to create the perfect first impression.

There are a variety of event tickets we can produce for you (which are not limited to the following):

• 2 Part Event Tickets - (Admission, Athletics, Festivals, Concerts, Nightclubs, Parties, etc)

• Beer/Wine/Food & Drink Tickets are a great way to quickly distrubute vouchers good for food and drink redemption at your location. They also allow money to be handled only at the ticket distributing booths increasing security.

• School Dance/Prom Tickets highlight important moments during the school year and can be used to provide and colorful and memorable admission ticket to a special dance or event.

• Fundraisers & Raffle Tickets provide a great donation point for your customers and gives them value in return. Tickets can be customized with advertising, backside printing, multiple sizes and shapes, perforations, a variety of numbering options and more.

• Admission Tickets & Passes can be used to regulate attendance and access to various sections of your event. Press passes, clip on shirt tags, or simple 2-part tickets can be created and customized to fit your theme.


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